(NEWSER) – Some parts of the story are still in dispute, but all parties seem to agree on one fact: Michael Boyer, the first man in Spokane, Wash., to legally purchase recreational marijuana on Tuesday, has his job back. According to NBC News, TrueBlue Labor Ready, Boyer's former (and once-again present) employer, says it reinstated the 30-year-old yesterday to his part-time security guard position. A spokeswoman for the temp agency said that the firing was a mistake because TrueBlue management thought he was toking on the job. "He was scheduled to work," she tells NBC News, but had apparently taken the day off. "We saw him on TV that he was under the influence, and that caused us to start a process of screening. When we realized that he was not on assignment, we reinstated him. Pot is legal, and we know that."

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