Memorial Brussels

What happened?

On Tuesday, March 22, 2016, explosions rocked Brussels, Belgium. Two bombs went off at Zaventem airport around 8am, A third explosion went off at Maelbeek metro station about an hour later.

Who are the bombers?

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Two men dressed in black, with one black glove on their left hand in a surveillance photo, are thought to be the two suicide bombers. They have been identified as brothers, Ibrahim El Bakraoui and Khalid El Bakraoui. Another man in the photo wearing a hat and tan jacket is thought to have been involved as well. There is currently a massive manhunt unraveling for him as well as the men who helped construct the bombs.

Who are the victims?

Belgium officials are stating that at least 31 people are dead, 300+ injured. Nine Americans are said to have been injured; 2 dead. The death/injury count is still climbing…

What’s the reaction?

People are afraid, but are going on as best they can. Many vigils are taking place around Belgium. Cartoons have been created to show support for Brussels across the world via social media, and some even used the #OpenHouse to invite those who are stranded, into their homes. The U.S. has heavily cracked down on security after the attacks and is exploring “soft spots” in the security. Brussels Airport will remain closed for the next couple of days, and the metro will be running limited service. Raids have been going on all over the city…six people who were connected to the attacks have been arrested, police are still looking for two more.

How will this affect America and what are soft spots?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is cracking down on security all throughout the U.S. News organizations have been covering “soft spots”, which are vulnerable areas where security is often absent. These are areas such as: baggage claims, airline check-ins, metro stations, etc. The DHS is exploring ways to hinder this type of tragedy.

Mike Broomhead talks with John McCain about the attacks

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