Who is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. President, the former United States Secretary of State in the Obama administration, and former United States Senator representing New York. She is also the wife of President Bill Clinton, making her a previous first lady.

What is going on?

Hillary Clinton stored hundreds of thousands of emails on a private server rather than her government-issued one. This violates normal federal record-keeping procedures with the National Archives and Records Administration. After handing over a portion of the selected emails, she has agreed to let the Justice Department look at her private server where she stored the emails. The hard drive has since been wiped clean.

Why is this an issue?

Security.  The government wants to make sure classified or top secret information was secure on Clinton's system.  The FBI opened an investigation into the Colorado-based company that managed the server.  Trust is also an issue. She is running for president therefore must be trusted. If she is wiping her email hard drives with personal and classified information clean, then it makes her hard to believe and trust.

Breakdown of Benghazi?

Disclosure about Clinton's use of a personal email address was made public during an investigation by a specially appointed subcommittee looking into the terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi.  The committee wanted to see documents related to the attack to see what government officials knew and when they knew it.  State Department lawyers looking through records found that correspondence to and from Clinton came from her personal email address.  That personal email address was registered through the domain clintonmail.com.  All emails were stored on a server Clinton kept in her New York home.

How is this affecting Clinton’s Campaign?

Her poll numbers in the Presidential race are dropping.  A new poll shows Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with a 7 point lead in the early voting state of New Hampshire.  Clinton’s trustworthiness is in question.  This email story, which has lasted several months, is making political life more difficult for her.