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We don’t know about you, but we’re all about Hilary Duff‘s new single “All About You” these days. Following the buzz release “Chasing The Sun,” the new track sits somewhere between indie-folk goodness and bubble-gum pop perfection. For the track’s lyric video, Duff goes a bit intimate, appearing to be topless in the three-minute clip.

As the lyrics splash across the screen, the singer is making midnight eyes at the camera - a sultry gaze that could surely melt any polaroid. The footage is shot in Instagram-like fashion; the light dances around the singer, falling down onto her blonde locks and creating a special kind of moment. It fights the giddy rhythm of the song and allows the listener to become engaged with the lyrics.

As the lead-in to her forthcoming album, “All About You” has already caught fire on the charts, initially vaulting into the upper tiers of the iTunes singles chart. Ultimately, it went No. 1 in numerous countries in South and Central America. While the sales have since dropped off, it is to be expected with a brand new song that has yet to ignite on radio. Of course, it’s been out less than two weeks, so give it time.

“The album is very positive, it’s very up, but it does talk about… there’s a song called ‘If I Fall,’ which is about me taking a step back and kind of shutting down my whole business, and everyone not believing in me and me being really scared to be alone after I’d been surrounded by 100 people for five years of my life,” Duff had recently shared of her first studio album in seven years, following 2007′s Dignity album. “And then the other ones are like, some party songs, a song about [my son] Luca, a song about my separation and my love for this person that maybe we’re not meant to be together, or maybe we are. I mean, it’s very, very personal, but I would say that it has a happy spirit to it, which is me.”

Check out Hilary's "All About You" lyric video below!