(KFYI News) – Cox Communications has become the second company to announce it'll offer lightning-fast internet service in the Phoenix area.

Back in February, Google announced it plans to launch "Google Fiber", with speeds of up to one gigabit per second, in the valley beginning sometime next year.

Now Cox says it will offer gigabit service by year's end in three metro areas – Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Omaha.  Cox vice president Susan Anable tells KFYI News that the service will first be available in new construction, both single-family homes and apartment complexes currently in the process of being built.  After that, the service will be made available gradually around the valley as the infrastructure is installed.

Gigabit internet speeds are common in most industrialized countries around the world, but are still rare in the US.  Anable says the highest internet speed it currently offers in the Phoenix area is 150 megabits per second, or about 1/8 as fast as the one-gigabit service.